Self-Publish: Simple Steps to Create Your eBook
"I had already published on Kindle myself, so I was not in the least certain that this book could offer me any help, but as I mentioned, it was free. What I got was very helpful information about the marketing process for an ebook, an area in which I was sorely lacking.This short book is filled with good information, and it includes numerous website links which I anticipate will be helpful to me. It also offers advice and insight into the process from the viewpoint of someone who has traveled down a path which I hope to take. I found this book well thought out, easy to read, and most importantly,informative."--William E. Sherrill, author of A Sound Of Distant Thunder


Dating Icebreakers: 700 Relationship Questions
A fantastic tool for planning a great conversation night between friends, or getting to know more about someone special. You can answer all 700 questions in order, or pick and choose from your favorite categories. 


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