Monday, January 14, 2013

Roku Addiction

We got rid of our cable a few months ago. It was too expensive and we really only watched a few channels. We opted for a Roku instead, allowing us to stream Netflix and more. This was the beginning of the end for me. While I used to casually watch whatever was on, usually working on another project as well, I am now planting myself in front of the TV with the purpose of watching 5-6 episodes of a show in one sitting.

It started with Breaking Bad. We watched 2-3 episodes a night until we ran out.

Next, it was Portlandia. All 17 episodes watched within a few days.

Then I decided to give up all sense of a life outside of TV by accepting the challenge to watch all 123 episodes of 30 Rock. The challenge was made by me and there was no prize upon completion.

Last night I watched episode 123 of 30 Rock. I spent over 45 hours watching 30 Rock.

I'm done. I'm going to resume my normal life, where I do other activities besides watching television.

Until tonight, when I start watching Downton Abbey.

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