Tuesday, October 9, 2012


We've decided to become minimalists. That's what's going on this week. Next week we'll probably decide to become active hoarders. But for now, I'm going through drawers and cabinets, eliminating. It's difficult. Not as difficult as getting a toddler to put his shirt on, but difficult in the sense that my soul dies a little each time I set one of my possessions free. How will this old plastic key chain go on without me? What about the good times?

However, after the decision to part ways has been made, the pain is quickly replaced by a sense of freedom.  Now I can do anything! I should be in charge of a nation with all my excess cutting and organizational skills.

And then I reached my bookshelf and things came to a halt. Books signify that I'm smart. If I get rid of them I am also getting rid of the illusion that I've read them. I took a break and ate half a jar of peanut butter while I stared at the bookshelves. I was ready to power through.

Dear Homer,

I've had you on my shelf since junior high. I'm sure your odyssey was psychedelic and awesome, but I'm never going to find out. It's you, not me. Good bye home-boy.


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